Montréal district: Rosemont / La Petite Patrie

Des Érables

3 bedrooms undivided condo, with mezzanine, private deck in back, 2 private roof decks, indoor storage space.
Overview of project: Certainly one of the trendiest district in Montréal, there are many parks, schools, businesses and services nearby: Cinéma Beaubien, organic food stores, greengroceries, childcare centers, pharmacies, boutiques, cafés and restaurants on Beaubien Street, etc. And if you privilege an economic and green commute, Bixi stations and bike paths are the way to go. The original cachet of the building’s front facade has been preserved but rejuvenated. A new structure was built in order to accommodate the addition of a mezzanine and 2 adjoining decks.
  • Hardwood flooring,
  • Natural stone ceramic,
  • Counter made of quartz and wood imported from Africa,
  • Decorative brick splash back,
  • Choice of top-of-the-line and contemporary finish
Public transit:
  • Fabre metro station
  • Beaubien metro station
Businesses and neighbourhood activities:
  • Cinéma Beaubien,
  • Molson Park, Beaubien,
  • Bixi station / Bike path
Bars and restaurants, our favourites:
  • Bistro Chez Roger
  • La Boulette
  • Gastronomia Roberto
  • Poutineville
  • Régine Café